Mar 20, 1 year ago

Photos: The moment Tyson Fury flipped his lid

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Rematching heavyweights Tyson Fury and Dereck Chisora met once again earlier today, Thursday, ahead of their anticipated bust-up for the British and EBU heavyweight titles, with a shot at the WBO championship currently held by Wladimir Klitschko awaiting the winner on July 26 at the Phones4U Arena in Manchester.

Chisora arrived for the media conference later than the scheduled time, no doubt invoking the eventual wrath of Fury, who told the assembled journalists: “All this mumbo-jumbo, great fights and all that – basically, let me tell you straight how it is… [he grabs microphone, accidentally breaking his before looking for promoter Francis Warren's].

“Listen, I’m Tyson Fury, I’m the best heavyweight on the planet, this idiot is getting knocked spark out and I’m sick to death of this. This motherf****r is going to sleep!”

It is at this point where Fury proceeded to flip the table over, leaving the championship belts, microphones and reporter dictaphones flying, while everyone in the room appeared bemused.

In years gone past, Chisora – whose list of misdemeanours include attempting to snog Carl Baker at a weigh-in, biting Paul Butler, slapping Vitali Klitschko, spitting water at Wladimir Klitschko and rioting with David Haye at a post-fight presser – may have risen to the bait and engaged Fury in verbal jousting, yet the Finchley swarmer remained composed, to his credit.

“A couple of years ago I would have launched at him as well, but things are different now I’m older, more mature and wiser.  Tyson is still an in experienced young puppy now that he’s moved up into my company and he can’t handle it.”

Since Chisora has dedicated himself fully to his craft, after a fifth-round knockout defeat to Haye at West Ham United’s Boleyn Ground in the classic British rain, Del Boy has gone undefeated, teekayoing Hector Alfredo Avila, Malik Scott, Edmund Gerber, Ondrej Pala and decisioning Kevin Johnson, most recently, at the Copper Box Arena, East London.

In the summer, he’ll hope to continue that streak so that he finally has the mandatory shot at Wladimir, a fighter he was twice scheduled to previously challenge, but was twice left at the altar, with the steel-hammer fisted Ukrainian citing injury. The motivation to therefore dish out his own brand of in-ring punishment will be strong in the 30-year-old.

“He’s well out of his depth going in against me, for him it’s like going from a paddling pool with armbands to jumping in the sea with sharks, and I’m the biggest baddest shark in the heavyweight pool, he’s going to get ripped to shreds.”

Chisora then wanted to remind Fury of the facts: “He needs to remember that I’m the champion coming into this fight, I hold the European title, he’s the challenger. I was at my worst when we fought and he couldn’t stop me.  I’ll be coming in bang on 17st and I’ll have fitness and power.  I’ll destroy his body and go hunting for his head.  He’d better be fit and ready for what I’ve coming for him.”

On turning the table upside down, Chisora added: “Tyson needs the publicity, he has to do things and say things that get people talking about him to make him feel important, he still feels he has to prove things to people.  I don’t feel that need [so] I’ll let my fists do the talking and I’ll destroy Fury in just the same style you see now, cool, calm and collected.”

With Tyson out of the building, his uncle/trainer Peter Fury provided journalists with copy from the Tyson camp: “Dereck’s a great fighter and poses a very serious threat.  It’s a big fight with a chance for the winner to fight for the world title, the European and British titles are also there, but no doubt about it we want the world title fight more than anything else.”

The loot on offer includes the British heavyweight title and European belt, with a shot at the WBO championship

Fury looks increasingly bored as Chisora makes the industry wait for his entrance

Fury breaks a microphone by accident as he begins to go barking

Fury flips the table in the midst of his mad moment, with Warren wondering where to look – awkward!

Chisora sarcastically clapped Fury for his outburst, but here he looks shocked

By Tommy Barber, London

Mar 17, 1 year ago

Chisora & Fury must train as hard as they exercise their mouths

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Two of Europe’s premier heavyweights engage in an anticipated do-over on Saturday, July 26 as announced by Frank Warren, Queensberry Promotions and BoxNationTV earlier today, Monday, but to make this rematch worth watching and with a championship shot at stake, both combatants – Tyson Fury and Dereck Chisora – must train as hard as talk… and they talk a great game.

“I have to go over old ground and batter Chisora again,” began towering big man Tyson Fury, who is as charismatic as he is tall. The 25-year-old even sang at the press conference although it is fair to say that, while he may have been near the front of the queue when God was handing out gifts in pugilism, Fury may have been late when the same was being done for busting out melodies.

The fight will have the vacant British heavyweight title on the line, as well as a shot at WBO incumbent Wladimir Klitschko, who is due to defend his WBO, WBA, IBF, IBO belt collection against Alex Leapai on April 26 at the Koenig Pilsener Arena in Oberhausen, Germany.

Fury continued: “If that’s what has to be done, I’ll do it and in much better style this time.  That fight was nearly three years ago… I’ve moved into world class since then and remained unbeaten. I’ll give it to him, Tubby has shifted that spare tyre around his waist and got himself into shape, but he can’t build muscle on his chin and when I land on it he’ll be knocked clean out.

“Get one thing clear, I’m getting the world title fight against Klitschko, I’m the best in Britain and you’ll see whey on 26 July.”

If ever Chisora, 30, was to be motivated for a fight, it’ll be to not only redeem himself versus Fury, a man whom he boxed three years ago whilst at a then-career high weight (and out-of-shape), but to also exact vengeance on Wlad, a fighter he was twice aligned to fight in recent years, twice invested in a training camp to get himself in shape for the championship tussle but was twice left to wait at the alter as injuries prevented the Ukrainian’s participation.

“Tyson Fury is in my way and I’m going to smash him out of it and get the world title fight against Klitschko,” Chisora commented.

“Yes, Fury beat me last time, but that was at the worst time of my career.  You’re seeing the best of me now and there’s no way Fury can deal with that.  He hasn’t moved on in his career since he beat me, I’ve been fighting at a higher level while he’s been fighting nobodies.  This time I’ll dump him in a heap in the ring.  He’s still got it in the back of his mind that he’s beaten me, he won a battle, I’m going to win the war.”

Fury, like Chisora, has been shafted by an elite heavyweight as the polarising volume-puncher was mugged off by David Haye – twice – and was consequential out of action for ten months until he shared a ring with Joey Abell, whom he teekayoed in four at the Copper Box Arena in East London on February 15.

Again, like Chisora, Fury has combated weight issues as his waist-line fluctuated with the inactivity and, despite securing victory last month, did so at least two stones overweight.

Both fighters have expressed a willingness to talk trash in pre-fight build-ups yet both bring it on the night, however, Chisora and Fury must dedicate themselves to their respective camps as fully as they do when creating copy for the media in front of a camera lens and a gang of scribes with dictaphones in hand and cigarettes behind their ear.

“I’m predicting a round five knockout… he’s going to walk into clean, accurate knuckle down punches that do ultimate damage,” added Fury. “What do we do with journeymen? We smash them to pieces. He’s gonna get butchered, I’ll make mincemeat of him and he’s just cannon fodder… he is what he is – a mug.”

In a concluding statement, Chisora offered: “We know he isn’t fit enough to be in the same ring with me and we are going to push him from round one and dictate the pace. He’s not loved in Manchester, he’s not the people’s champion and people think he’s arrogant. How many times has he been on the canvas?”

Mar 15, 1 year ago

Wilder: I want to be like Ali, I want to fight Chisora & Fury for titles!

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Deontay Wilder steps up his competition when he takes on compatriot Malik Scott at the Coliseo Ruben Rodriguez in the boxing hotbed of Bayaman in Puerto Rico later this evening and has claimed that competing outside of America does not faze him as he models himself on the traveling instincts of all-time great heavyweight Muhammad Ali, before adding that he would be delighted to take on the summer winner between rival Brits; Tyson Fury and Dereck Chisora.

Promising a Hollywood finish before a summer blockbuster…

Promising a Hollywood finish before a summer blockbuster…

Brobdingnagian bruiser Wilder has fists like mallets on go-go-gadget arms and has, throughout his 30-fight career as a professional prizefighter, bashed up all his opponents en route to a stoppage finish.

Though his ledger contains few standout names, with both Audley Harrison and Siarhei Liakhovich a far cry from their prime while Nicolai Firtha and Kerston Manswell retain journeyman status, tonight, Wilder meets a fellow well-ranked American and a legitimate top-5o world heavyweight on a high-profile card headlined by tough Philadelphian boxer Danny Garcia’s light welterweight title defence against Mauricio Herrera.

Credit: Tom Casino/Showtime

Credit: Tom Casino/Showtime

“Being in someone else’s territory doesn’t scare me at all,” said Wilder, 30-0-0, 30ko, recently. “I want to be the fighter that travels all over the world like Ali and other greats have. You can expect a knockout Saturday [against Scott].

“I wouldn’t want any guy other than Malik to go up against in this fight. It’s a big eliminator match for the WBC belt. Come Saturday night we’ll put the friendship aside and give the people a great show and you can hear it from me, we’re not holding back our punches.

“There are so many sides of me that people haven’t seen. It will take that right opponent to bring it out of me. Malik has those skills and that ring knowledge to bring it out of me.”

The winner of Wilder – Scott (the bookmakers favour the former) is in a prominent position to challenge the victor in the WBC heavyweight title ruckus between Chris Arreola and Bermane Stiverne, a match for the belt recently vacated by punishing big man turned politician Vitali Klitschko.

Should Wilder claim the title himself, he promised he would travel to England to take on the country’s top heavyweight at the time.

“I think that will be a great move if they [Chisora or Fury] win and I go on to win it and we fight for the belt… I would love that fight and would love to come to the UK and make it happen.”

Jan 21, 1 year ago

Chisora’s trainer Charles calls for greater transparency

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David Haye’s recent withdrawal from a Best of British heavyweight clash against Tyson Fury has prompted calls from trainer Don Charles for boxing to clean up its act.

Nov 10, 1 year ago

Exclusive: Dereck Chisora is fighting fit! – Don Charles

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Dereck Chisora’s trainer says forcing the heavyweight to watch his diet has been one of the major reasons behind the Finchley fighter’s resurgence. Chisora weighed in at a career-lightest 16st 11lbs for his European title-winning stoppage of German Edmund Gerber at the Copper box Arena in September. And Don Charles explained the issue was brought to a head following the 29-year-old’s below-par performance in beating Argentinian fighter Hector Alfredo Avila earlier this year.

Apr 11, 2 years ago

Dereck Chisora wants to destroy Avila, flatten David Price then challenge for a world title

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Brash heavyweight star Dereck Chisora says he’s ready destroy when he makes his big comeback against Argentinian Hector Alfredo Avila on Saturday, April 20 at Wembley Arena. The Former British and Commonwealth champion will feature in a ten-round contest on a packed show alongside British stars Nathan Cleverly, Paul Butler, Liam Walsh and Scott Harrison, all live and exclusive on BoxNation.

Credit: KMG/ Dmitriy Abramov

Credit: KMG/ Dmitriy Abramov

The hard-hitting Londoner has been out of the ring since July last year when he was stopped in the fifth round by rival David Haye in a thrilling fight at West Ham United’s Boleyn Ground at Upton Park that attracted over 30,000 fans – the biggest live boxing event in the UK last year – and one of the most exciting domestic heavyweight fights in recent memory.

He took WBC World Champion Vitali Klitshko the distance last February and pushed the long-reigning Ukrainian the hardest since Lennox Lewis nearly ten years previously, only to lose on the judges scorecards.

Chisora’s British Boxing Board of Control license was reissued last month after it was withdrawn last year and the Finchley puncher is now desperate to fight his way back into world title contention as soon as possible.

“I’m back in business and I’m on the road back to the world title,” said Chisora. “I’m looking to destroy Avila first at Wembley Arena and then face one of the other so called rivals next, if it’s David Price then great, I know he wouldn’t be able to stand up to my power and he’d be a good step in the right direction for me.

“It’s exciting to be back in the ring after almost a year out. I’ve been working hard in the gym with my trainer Don Charles, making changes and improving, and we’re both tunnel focused on achieving the goal of winning the world heavyweight title.

“I’m still only 29 and I’ve had only 19 fights. Aside from Haye, I took Tyson Fury the distance despite not being in the best shape, I was robbed against Robert Helenius for the European title in his backyard and then took Klitschko the distance straight after.

“The world title is my goal and I will achieve it.”

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Jul 14, 3 years ago

David Haye wins grudge fight as Dereck Chisora is crushed in five rounds

Alan Dawson – London

David Haye teekayoed Dereck Chisora in a forceful manner on Saturday, July 14 as the former heavyweight world titlist, a champion in two weight classes, became the first man to knockdown steely-chinned Chisora as Dereck was dropped twice in the fifth round of their Licensed To Thrill bout at the Boleyn Ground in Upton Park, London in front of an estimated 30,000 fans.

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Dawson’s scorecard

Round 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
10 10 9 10 10 - - - - -
- -
9 9 10
9 7 - - - - - - -

Official verdict: Haye wins via 5Rd TKO.

“The finish… I can tell you, Dereck Chisora has one of the best chins I’ve hit in my life as I was hitting him with shots that puts people away but he was smiling at them,” Haye said to Box Nation, marveling at the durability of Chisora’s jawline.

“After doing these rounds, I respect him… he’ll be champion one day. He gave me more hard work than I anticipated. I had to dig deep, Dereck hit me with good shots. I did what great fighters do and did what I had to do to win.”

Haye (26-2-0, 24ko) was focused and determined from the time he entered the Boleyn Ground to when he made his ring-walk and, during the initial jousting inside the ring, Haye threw more range-finding punches in the opening 15 seconds alone than he had done during the same periods in his previous heavyweight outings. His shot output was analogous to his cruiserweight form but his willingness to trade rather than bounce-and-move allowed Chisora (15-4-0, 9ko) to find his own openings and he sneaked in a left hook.

Primarily known for being a pressure fighter, Chisora, against Haye, appeared perplexed at his opponent’s strategy and, instead of throwing unrelenting gloves like he did against Vitali Klitschko and Robert Helenius, Del Boy maintained a turgid guard. While Haye was fighting in a positive manner, his accuracy was perhaps not as high as it was prior to his one year layoff as his fists either swung at air or were blocked by the Finchley fighter’s forearms.

In round two, Haye landed a strong right that halted Chisora’s forward steps. Midway through the session, Chisora enjoyed his greatest success up to that point as he trapped Haye against the ropes and went to work yet the combatants were eventually seperated by referee Luis Pabon, of Puerto Rico.

Haye one-two’d upstairs at the start of the third but, again, was denied clean shots due to Chisora’s stubborn defence system. This did not perturb Haye, though, as the south Londoner smiled as he peeled off his own solitary shots and moved away from the pocket before Chisora had a chance to land a reply. Like he had done in the second, Chisora found good clubbing momentum when Haye was backed against the ropes and, when the two fighters were exchanging leather in a toe-to-toe tussle, Dereck landed a shot that rocked Haye back but the punch was dispatched after the bell had been rung. Few, however, could hear the bell as the timekeeper’s signal was drowned by the racous din from the 30,000 strong crowd.

Between rounds, Haye sat on his stool in discomfort and breathed heavy, signs of the consequences of a high tempo fight underneath hot lamps on a muggy, yet rain-sodden Summer evening in east London. Despite this, Haye was still able to slip punches effectively in the fourth but, as the fight evolved, so too did Chisora.

That evolution was stunted in the fifth as Haye connected with a one-two that was straight out of the textbook as the orthodox jab found the distance and the follow-up straight landed flush against Chisora’s flesh. When Chisora sought to crack a retaliation into Haye’s face, his opponent was gone. In the final 30 seconds, Chisora was on the floor – an unfamiliar sight for a man with his chin – as he failed to deal with a left hook, right hook two-punch combination.

Dereck made it to his feet, clinched when Haye looked for the finish but was again canvassed due to a five-punch flurry and looked in a bad way. Phenomenally, Chisora again got off the floor but Pabon had seen enough and waved the fight off.

With the emphatic nature of the victory, Haye defeated Chisora in a far more convincing manner than Klitschko did earlier this year. Commenting on the elusive match he has pursued since his defeat to Wladimir Klitschko, Haye said: “This sends a scary message to Vitali and I doubt he’ll want to fight me now. He’ll fight some chump that no one has heard of and disappear to be a politician. But if he wants a great fight, I’m here.”

Gracious in defeat, Del Boy said: “I want to thank the Luxembourg board [for sanctioning the fight when the British Boxing Board of Control refused Chisora a license to fight]. I owe David Haye £20,000! It goes to charity. He hit me with a great shot. I can’t remember what it was. But I’ll be back.”

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Jun 30, 3 years ago

Chisora vows to physically remind Haye of Carl Thompson, Danny Dyer talks up Del Boy and David’s dust-up

On The Beak – Admin

Dereck Chisora says he’ll give David Haye a bigger nightmare than Carl Thompson did when they meet in their grudge fight on Saturday, July 14. The Finchley scrapper takes on Haye in one of British boxing’s biggest fights at West Ham United’s ground, live on BoxNation. Thompson battered Haye, then a cruiserweight, into submission in 2004 as the Hayemaker suffered his first record.

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Chisora (15-3-0, 9ko) stormed: “Haye’s going to wish he was in the ring with Carl Thompson again, that was mild compared to what I’m going to be dishing out to him. It’s going to be like a bad dream coming back to haunt Haye, I’ll leave him hanging on the ropes just like Thompson did. I’ll be taking Haye out of the game, this will be his last fight in boxing and he can forgot about fighting any Klitschko again.

“Wladimir played with him for twelve rounds [but] the difference is I’ll be punishing him for twelve rounds and giving him the worst beating he’s had. I’ll destroy him. He’ll need more than one of his Hayemaker’s to stop me coming at him at night.”

Chisora says he refuses to lose to his London rival and that his pride and fighting heart will break Haye (25-2-0, 23ko) down on the night. He added: “There’s too much pride on the line, there’s no way I’m going to lose to Haye. I’m going to break Haye down mentally and physically, he’s all mouth and he now knows that he’s in a real fight against me. What’s he going to do when he lands his best punches and they have no effect and I’m still in his face throwing punches?”


Actor and presenter Danny Dyer (Human Traffic, The Football Factory, The Business) says there hasn’t been a heavyweight showdown that he’s looked forward to more than David Haye and Dereck Chisora. Dyer, a West Ham United fan, filmed a special promo for the fight with a BoxNation crew around Upton Park recently and said: “What makes this fight so exciting is that it’s so unpredictable and both fighters are going to be knocking seven bells out of each other.

“There hasn’t been a fight I’ve been looking forward to more than these two heavyweights getting it on and they’re both British which makes it a must see for fans. Both guys have got so much hate in them towards each other and it’s all going to explode in the ring on the night.

“I can’t wait for it, It’s too tough to call a winner, but it’s going to be one hell of a fight.”

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Jun 28, 3 years ago

Povetkin v Rahman moves off London bill ‘due to organisational aspects’

Words: Petra Kirsch – Gelsenkirchen

Picture: Andreas Sauer – Sauerland

Reigning ‘Regular’ WBA heavyweight world titlist Alexander Povetkin will not be trading leather with mandatory challenger Hasim Rahman at the Boleyn Ground in London on Saturday, July 14 because of a clash between licensing in Britain and broadcasting in Germany. While the David Haye and Dereck Chisora main event will remain in England, Povetkin and Rahman will be rehoused in Hamburg on the same night.

Direct link to article.

Povetkin will box in Hamburg for the second time as he hopes to send The Rock Rahman to the floor

Licensing at the football ground of West Ham United dictates that Haye and Chisora’s grudge fight could not begin later than 22:00 and, due to German TV network ARD’s demands that Povetkin v Rahman fill that time slot and occur prior to the former fight, scheduling proved impossible. Chris Meyer, managing director of Sauerland Event, explained: “It is due to organisational aspects; the English time schedule was too tight.”

He continued: “We wouldn’t have been able to guarantee that the fight could have been broadcasted live in Germany. Therefore the heavyweight world championship will be staged in Hamburg. There are not a lot of cities in Germany which can host such an event on such short notice. Hamburg is a real boxing city with a great audience and a lot of boxing tradition. Furthermore the city possesses the required infrastructure to host such a big event.”

Povetkin added: “My fourth fight as a pro was in Hamburg, back in 2005. Obviously I remember that fight very well. I have also been there a few times to visit my promoter Kalle Sauerland.”

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Jun 6, 3 years ago

Luxembourg Boxing Federation green-light Dereck Chisora and David Haye fight despite EBU expulsion threat

On The Beak – Admin

The Federation Luxembourgeoise de Boxe (Luxembourg Boxing Federation) convened a special general meeting in Luxembourg on Tuesday, June 5 to discuss the European Boxing Union (EBU) vote and to decide whether they are remaining on course to back the David Haye versus Dereck Chisora fight at the Boleyn Ground in London on Saturday, July 14 and to develop the sanctioning of the show in the UK.

Direct link to article.

The show must go on…

The vote of the 12 members was eight votes in favour and four votes against. Therefore the LBF is backing the show along with the World Boxing Organisation (WBO) and the World Boxing Association (WBA), who’s International and Intercontinental titles will be contested, and the promotion will definitely go ahead.

The heavyweight main event will be supported by an undercard Sauerland fight between Alexander Povetkin and Hasim Rahman.

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