Jun 30, 3 years ago

Roy Jones Jr outpoints Pawel Glazewski in Poland, wants cruiserweight title shot

Alan Dawson – London

Roy Jones Jr survived a ten round cruiserweight bout at the Atlas Arena in Lodz, Poland on Saturday, June 30 and, although he boxed in a one-paced fashion, fought off balance and was dropped in round six by erstwhile unbeaten Pawel Glazewski, 29, he walked away the winner having received a generous split decision verdict. Post-fight, in an arena filled with gold confetti, Jones Jr then reiterated his desire to become world champion at 200lbs.

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Dawson’s scorecard

Round 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Jones Jr
10 9 10 10 10 8 9 9 9 9
- -
10 10 9
9 9 10 10 10 10 10 - -

Official verdict: Jones Jr via split decision.

Walking out to his own rap anthem Y’all must have forgot, fight veteran Roy Jones Jr made his way to the Polish ring hoping to rewind the years to when he had to climb weight classes… from junior middleweight, all the way to heavyweight, just to find a competitive fight.

Regarded to be one of the finest athletes to have graced a modern boxing ring, the skill-set of Jones Jr, at 43, has deteriorated rapidly since his prime form at the swing of the new millennium but, versus undefeated hometown favourite Pawel Glazewski, he was boxing a pugilist not famed for possessing weaponry that could properly threaten Jones’ ultimate weakness in his final years as a fighter – his chin – but that still did not spare him from receiving a canvassing.

In the opening session Jones Jr denied Glazewski a route to scoring shots as the European struck his arms when he flurried. Jones varied his own jab, throwing to the mouth and to the gut, but was more successful with his secondary shots rather than the introductory punches. Jones controlled the centre of the ring… well, he was forced to, as his foot speed was nil, however, this mattered not as Glazewski’s attack was largely ineffectual at the beginning of the contest.

In round two, Jones attempted to wind up a bolo but was simply out-gunned by a fighter 14 years his junior, yet, in round three, Jones found a way into the bout as he appeared the more superior boxer when working from the inside region, sending short, sharp, single-fire shots to the body. His slow speed of foot was in contrast to the way he could let his hands go but Jones was void of confidence whenever an incoming shot landed cleanly.

Self-assurance in the American’s game rose by the fight’s midway point and, like he had in round one against Denis Lebedev in Moscow in May, 2011, he showboated. And, while he had crept ahead of his opponent, there were worrying signs for the final half of the contest… namely: he was breathing out of his move and his hands were getting lower and lower.

In round six, and just as Jones was beginning to look at his best he could produce at this stage of his career, he was knocked to the floor with a left hook, a move that had been rehearsed by Glazewski in the preceding rounds, but one which had caused little damage as it previously fizzed harmlessly in front of Jones’ face. Not this time. Jones, though, rose to his feet and attempted to box on.

Able to throw only sporadically, with Glazewski having no issue taking Jones’ power, combined with Roy’s own lack of balance and speed, it was clear Jones – if it had not been years ago – is no longer a ten round fighter and, heading into the concluding stanzas, the Pole was in control.

Midway through round nine, Jones caught Glazewski flush with a sweet uppercut, again while on the inside, but again it was something that did not rattle the undefeated opponent, who returned fire with an abundance of hooks. In the final session, Jones was tagged again with a left hook he had no defence for all fight.

Throughout the fight, Jones was largely dominated by a fighter he would have mauled during his heyday, yet, bizarrely, he was awarded a decision win by the three ringside judges which, presumably, sets Roy up for a shot at current WBC world champion at 200lbs, Krzysztof Wlodarczyk, in a match that would also be staged in Poland.

“I still want to be cruiserweight champion,” concluded Jones, defiantly.

Elsewhere on the bill, welterweight Rafal Jackiewicz decisioned Luca Michael Pasqua, Nate Campbell shut out Krzysztof Szot in an eight round junior welterweight bout and Jameel McCline dropped a unanimous ten round fight to Artur Szpilka

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Apr 21, 3 years ago

Krzysztof Wlodarczyk: Antonio Tarver is old, too lazy to make weight and looking for easy money fights

On The Beak – Admin

WBC cruiserweight champion Krzysztof “Diablo” Wlodarczyk (46-2-1, 33ko) doesn’t blame Antonio “Magic Man” Tarver for stepping around him to take a seemingly easier fight. Despite being offered a shot at Wlodarczyk’s prestigious belt, Tarver (29-6-0, 20ko) will instead face the strong, but inexperienced Lateef Kayode on June 2 at the Home Depot Center in Carson, California.

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Ring veteran Tarver remains a strong performer at 200lbs. Credit: Tom Casino

“I was not surprised by his decision,” said Wlodarczyk. “I said to my promoters, Andrew Wasilewski and Leon Margules, that a fight between Tarver and me will never happen. He is an intelligent guy and knows he has a very small chance of surviving 12 rounds with me. He realises I’m too strong and too hungry for him. It’s that simple.”

A champion since 2010 with three successful defenses under his belt, Wlodarczyk says he is in a similar position to the one a young Antonio Tarver once found himself.

“I am looking for any of the big names in my division to fight me, kind of like how Antonio used to follow Roy Jones around and accuse him of taking easy fights while avoiding his toughest opponents. The shoe is on the other foot now though.

“Today, Antonio is an old man, too lazy to make his proper fighting weight, and looking to make money the easiest way possible against the easiest foes. Life is like a circle sometimes. Maybe if I’m between 40 and 50 and still fighting I will someday talk the same bullsh*t.”

Wlodarczyk says he’s not angry with Tarver, but offers him the following advice: “Good luck Antonio, but if this is how you are going to be, then forget talking about serious fights for serious titles!”

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Nov 30, 3 years ago

Video: Krzysztof Wlodarczyk forces Danny Green to consider retirement after suffering bloody KO

On The Beak – Admin

Popular Australian cruiserweight Danny Green was left to contemplate retirement after Krzysztof Wlodarczyk flattened him with a swift left hand in the 11th round of their WBC championship fight at the Challenge Stadium in Perth on Wednesday, November 30. Green managed to make it to his feet by the count of nine but with glassy eyes and a staggered walk, the referee – Michael Griffin – waved the bout off.

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(Embedded video above credit – Youtube, TGizzzle)

As the referee went to hold onto Green in order to ensure the pugilist knew the fight was over, his shoulder was left with a deep claret stain as the man dubbed Machine was bleeding profusely from the nose. It was Green’s second successive defeat, having suffered a ninth round retirement to the hands of veteran American prizefighter Antonio Tarver. Wlodarczyk, conversely, celebrated his third defence of the WBC crown at 200lbs.

“This is it for me guys,” a dejected Green (31-5-0, 27ko) said following the official announcement of his loss. “He is the best cruiserweight in the world so it’s no shame to lose to him. I’ve had an amazing career. I came back from a devastating defeat and came out against the best cruiserweight in the world and was four and a half minutes away from a fairytale, but that’s the sport of boxing.”

The champion, Wlodarczyk (46-2-1, 33ko), stated: “It was a great fight. I want to thank the fans and especially those Polish ones. I had some problems in the earlier rounds so I knew I had step it up – and I did.”

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Nov 17, 3 years ago

Andrzej Fonfara to Danny Green: I am not a spy sent from Poland!

Alan Dawson – London

Light heavyweight campaigner Andrzej Fonfara, a Chicago-based Pole, was drafted in to Danny Green‘s training camp in order to help prepare the cruiserweight for his upcoming attempt to claim Krzysztof Wlodarczyk‘s WBC world championship at the Challenge Stadium in Mt Claremont on November 30, however, since arriving in Australia, he has had to fend off alarming accusations that he is an espionage agent sent by a member of Wlodarczyk’s team.

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Green just before his July defeat to Tarver. Credit: Eva Rinaldi

The spying allegation – that invokes memories of ‘Stepneygate’; a scandal that gripped Formula 1 in 2007 – has been leveled toward Fonfara and is an act the fighter vehemently denies: “I am not spying against Danny Green,” he exclaimed, as reported by Australia’s Daily Telegraph. “Yes, Australians are calling me a spy. I don’t like it. What they are saying is not true. I don’t say nothing. I am here for sparring,” he insisted. “That’s it.”

A 24-year-old dubbed the ‘Polish Prince’, Fonfara (19-2-0, 10ko) and Green had a mutually-beneficial arrangement. Not only would it aid the Australian’s preparations but it would also boost Fonfara’s development as he too is gearing toward his own fight, in December, against Phil ‘The Drill’ Williams. Prior to landing in Western Australia, Dominic Pesoli of 8 Count Productions said the trip would represent “true learning experience” that will “help Andrzej as he ascends towards his own world title opportunities in the future.”

The ‘Green Machine’, meanwhile, appeared completely unfazed over the speculation that Fonfara’s involvement in his camp was underhand: “A year or six months ago I would have been fretting, but who gives a f*ck what he’s going to do?” the AAP quote him to have said.

“He ain’t Wlodarczyk and I do tend to fight differently from the way I spar,” added the 38-year-old. “Normally I fight better than I spar so if he tells him everything that’s great because if he’s worried about me instead of worried about what he’s doing, it’s great.”

Green (31-4-0, 27ko) was defeated by Antonio Tarver by way of ninth round retirement in his most recent outing. Despite losing his IBO world title at 200lbs to the American southpaw and spurning enthusiastic rematch offers from Tarver himself, Green maneuvered into a WBC championship fight; a title that is considered one of the four major honours.

The bout will be Wlodarczyk’s third defence of the green belt he initially won from Giacobbe Fragomeni in 2010.

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Apr 3, 4 years ago

Fight Results (with video): Segura kayoes Calderon, Marquez and Concepcion engage in barnburner and women’s boxing has a star

J.G Barrington – New York

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Heavyweight: Robert Helenius – 9th Rd KO – Samuel Peter

Notes – Helenius may well have ended the career of Peter as the latter suffered a second successive knockout loss. Both boxers started in a near languid manner, with Peter landing some flush shots in the middle rounds that troubled Helenius, however, a three-punch combination in the 9th saw Peter flat on his book. He beat the count but may wish he hadn’t as Helenius worked well to finish the job swiftly.

WBC World Cruiserweight title: Krzysztof Wlodarczyk – SD – Francisco Palacios [118-112, 116-113, 113-115]

Notes – Wlodarczyk was awarded a split decision victory over previously unbeaten Palacios in central Poland. It was Wlodarczyk’s second defence of the WBC’s green belt following his triumph over Giacobbe Fragomeni in May and his first defence against Jason Robinson in September.

WBO World Cruiserweight title: Marco Huck – UD – Ran Nakash [118-110, 118-110, 116-112]

Notes – Huck’s sixth defence of his WBO crown was another successful one for the German who oversaw late replacement Nakash. Fragomeni was initially slated to challenge Huck yet Nakash came in within 11 days’ notice. Huck had a height and reach advantage that he made full use of, and inflicted good damage on Nakash’s eye socket.

Middleweight: Billy Joe Saunders – 2nd Rd RTD – Turgay Uzun

Notes – 2008 British Olympian Saunders showed good poise and good technical skill in defeating the Turkish journeyman. For full report and scorecard click here.

Welterweight: Selcuk Aydin – 1st Rd KO – Dzimitry Lubachkin

Notes – WBC’s highly-ranked welterweight Aydin, maintained his unbeaten record by annihilating Lubachkin in just one round. Lubachkin entered the ring with an 18-0-0 record with 17 kayoes in that spell, yet looked completely over-matched once Aydin worked him over in minimal time.

EBU European Lightweight title: John Murray – UD – Karim El Ouazghari [117-111, 116-110, 115-112]

Notes – In what was supposed to be Murray’s coming out party after signing with Frank Warren’s promotional company, fans at the York Hall, London were left disappointed after witnessing a ring-rusty Murray only dispose of El Ouazghari via a points decision. The Spaniard was dropped in the 11th. For full report and scorecard click here.

WBA World Flyweight title: Hernan Marquez – 11th Rd KO – Luis Concepcion

Notes – In what could go down as a fight of the year candidate, Marquez conquered Concepcion at the Roberto Duran arena in Panama on Saturday (see embedded video above, credit – Box Azteca, Youtube, Danielboxmx). Concepcion, despite seemingly getting a second wind, was disallowed to continue at the championship rounds under orders by the ring doctor.

WBO World Light Flyweight title: Giovanni Segura – 3rd Rd KO – Ivan Calderon

Notes – Segura demonstrated that his knockout victory over Calderon was no mere fluke by inflicting the same fate onto the Puerto Rican. Only this time, instead of requiring eight rounds to stop Calderon, Segura only needed three.

WBO/WBA/WBC Female Welterweight title: Cecilia Braekhus – UD – Jill Emery [117-111, 115-111, 115-112]

Notes – Women’s boxing needs a new face and Cecilia Braekhus can supply that. Her record and skill-set speak for itself and she is also photo-shoot friendly. Braekhus is dominating at welterweight level. Her breakthrough performances in 2009 and 2010 have continued in 2011.