Apr 4, 2 years ago

Floyd Mayweather releases heavy bag training video ahead of Robert Guerrero fight

Five-division world champion Floyd Mayweather Jr, 36, released a 95-second long window into his training regimen earlier today, Thursday, April 5, on his official YouTube channel. The 43-0-0, 26ko welterweight, a defensive specialist, takes on mandatory WBC challenger Robert Guerrero for the 147lb belt on May 4, one year minus a day since Money’s last outing; a successful decisioning of respected Puerto Rican Miguel Cotto.

(Video embedded above credit – YouTube, FloydMayweather)

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Nov 23, 2 years ago

Frank Gavin breaks down Berto v Guerrero: Andre to beat Robert by KO

On The Beak – Staff

Current British welterweight champion Frankie Gavin, who outfoxed former world titlist Junior Witter to claim the belt in London three weeks ago, has analysed the high-profile 147lb match-up between the bruising Andre Berto (below left) and the skillful southpaw Robert Guerrero (below right). The two American-based fighters box on Saturday, November 24 and Gavin has backed Berto to win via knockout despite Guerrero’s technical prowess.

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Credit: Gene Blevins – Hoganphotos – GBP

“It’s going to be really close and I certainly wouldn’t want to be putting any of my money on it. I’ve seen Guerrero’s last two fights and he’s quality. He absolutely took Michael Katsidis apart, was far too good, a different level, and he was way too slick for Selcuk Aydin last time. To step up through so many weights as he has shows he’s one of the best around. You can only get away with that if you’re really top drawer.

“His biggest strength is his boxing skills. I love the way he picks his shots and forces his openings rather than just waits for them to happen. He can make you miss, then counter accurately, by darting in and out. He’s got fantastic uppercuts and I like the way he phases his attacks; throws a combo, then re-sets and goes again.

“Power wise, he didn’t look too dangerous last time out against Aydin but Selcuk’s a really big puncher. I boxed Selcuk twice in the amateurs. Second time, he got disqualified for repeatedly kicking, butting, elbowing…. basically everything you ain’t supposed to do! Perhaps that’s why Guerrero was wary and didn’t take too many risks. Still, he had the strength to keep Aydin away so he’ll probably have the strength to fend off Berto, provided he keeps it cute. Don’t count on it.

“For me, Guerrero’s downfall is that he voluntarily chooses to go to war, in fights where he’s the better technician and winning easily. He can get drawn in when he doesn’t need to and, other times, he chooses to row. It’s great to watch, I’m not complaining, but it might not win him this fight.

“My advice to him would be to try to keep control from the centre of the ring, dictate the pace and keep off the ropes at all costs. Being shorter, Berto will come looking to ‘put it on him’ – he’s stronger and better on the inside – so Guerrero needs to constantly move and counter; give him angles. Berto’s a career-long welterweight yet he’s never been stopped so, if Guerrero’s to pull this off, it’ll definitely be a points job.

“I’ve not seen too much of Berto but what I have has been impressive. He’s a short, stocky type who reminds me a lot of an orthodox Timothy Bradley. He always turns up in terrific shape and, though he’s not the tallest, he seems really quick, raiding in and out. I think he’ll be the heavier puncher; not a real blowout merchant but hard enough to gain anyone’s respect.

“He’s definitely the more natural welterweight and the more proven welterweight. He’s been fighting there at world title level for over four years now and only Victor Ortiz has beaten him in that great fight when they were both down twice. He’s rebounded since and picked up another world title [leaving Jan Zaveck retiring on his stool after five rounds last November]. He always seems to find away to win. You gotta respect that.

“His downside is that he’s a bit short for the weight and, while he can be really explosive, at times he fades off and admires his work. Even now, he’d not get near Floyd Mayweather. To win, he needs to set a hot pace that’ll disrupt Guerrero’s rhythm. He’s marginally younger, certainly fresher and naturally bigger.

“It’s a really tricky one that’s basically there to be won by whoever delivers on the night. But, as you’re forcing me, I’ll go with Berto on a late stoppage. I think Guerrero is gonna stand and have a fight with him and that’ll be his downfall.”

Jun 5, 3 years ago

Robert Guerrero training at Lake Tahoe to show world ‘beating Selcuk Aydin can be done’

On The Beak – Admin

Robert ‘The Ghost’ Guerrero (29-1-1, 18ko) headed out to South Lake Tahoe yesterday for training camp in order to prepare for his upcoming bout with Selcuk ‘Mini Tyson’ Aydin (23-0-0, 17ko). On July 28 at the HP Pavilion in San Jose, California, the WBC interim welterweight title will be on the line with the winner being the mandatory challenger to face WBC champion at 147lbs; Floyd Mayweather.

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Skillful southpaw Guerrero aims to add more belts to his ever-increasing wardrobe in July

“This is my big opportunity to show the world that I belong with the elite fighters in boxing,” Guerrero said. “Everyone says it can’t be done, but I’m going to show the world skipping super lightweight and going straight to welterweight with no tune up to challenge the number one contender and beating Selcuk Aydin can be done!

“I’m here to face the toughest challenges and put myself in a position to get mega-fights. It’s not going to be easy beating a full-fledged welterweight [so] that’s why my team and I will get the proper training, sparring and diet when [at] camp. The mountains of Tahoe are set at high elevations which will make for a great training camp.

“I look forward to making history for the Bay Area and all my fans across the world.”

Lake Tahoe is a large freshwater lake in the Sierra Nevada of the United States. At a surface elevation of 6,225 ft (1,897 m), it is located along the border between California and Nevada, west of Carson City. This will be Robert’s first time training in the Tahoe area and he looks forward to having a tremendous camp.

Manager Bob Santos said: “Team Guerrero would like to thank Showtime and Golden Boy for putting this event on at the HP Pavilion in San Jose. When you speak of a fighter who has competed in six different weight classes from 122 to 147 as Guerrero is doing, it’s something special. I believe the only other active fighters that have done it are Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather. Guerrero is a five-time world champion in three divisions and has all the makings of superstar.”

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Mar 19, 3 years ago

Hungry Robert Guerrero warns Selcuk Aydin he will lose his zero in a devastating fight

On The Beak – Admin

Five-time world champion Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero (29-1-1, 18ko), of Gilroy, California, has signed to fight undefeated WBC number one ranked contender, Selcuk “Mini Tyson” Aydin (23-0, 17ko), of Trabzon, Turkey by way of Hamburg, Germany, for the WBC interim welterweight title. The fight is scheduled for July 28 at the HP Pavilion in San Jose and will be televised live on Showtime Championship Boxing.

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True warrior Guerrero wants to take away Aydin’s 0. Credit: Stacey Verbeek – Maple Avenue Boxing Gym, Dallas

Guerrero, who’s captured multiple world titles in lighter weight classes, will take the unprecedented step of moving up two weight divisions to fight Aydin, who holds the WBC Silver belt and is a fully-fledged 147lber, fighting most of his career in the welterweight division.

If victorious, Guerrero will be the first fighter in history to jump straight from lightweight to welterweight and win a title. Hall of Famer Roberto Duran and Shane Mosley are others who have made the leap from lightweight to welterweight, but both had tune up fights before challenging for a belt.

When asked about challenging Aydin for the WBC interim title Guerrero stated: “First, I’d like to thank Jesus Christ, Showtime, Golden Boy Promotions, HP Pavilion and the WBC for putting this event together. I’m delighted to be making my comeback and there’s no other place than the Bay Area to bring home my sixth world title in four different weight classes. I’m dedicating this fight to the whole Bay Area and I promise to put on a great show.

“Words can’t describe how hungry I am to get that WBC belt. This fight will be explosive without a doubt. Aydin is a very good fighter and I respect everything he has accomplished but that 0′s got to go in San Jose!”

He added: “Lastly, I’m very pleased that I’ve added Luis Decubas Jr. and Walter Kane to my team and I feel this move will be an added benefit. Soon, Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero will be a household name.”

Aydin, who is of Turkish decent, is one of the most feared punchers in boxing, having never lost a fight. In his last bout, he landed a powerful punch, fracturing the jaw of his opponent, Ionut “Jo Jo Dan” Ion (29-2-0, 16ko). Ranked highly by all the sanctioning organisations, the crowd-pleasing Aydin brings an aggressive come-forward style to the ring. His attack is pure entertainment, and will be the most challenging test of Guerrero’s career.

“This guy is no joke,” said Guerrero’s manager Bob Santos. “Aydin will be the biggest and strongest guy Robert has ever fought. The fact that he’s been the WBC number one contender to fight both Victor Ortiz and Floyd Mayweather for the last two years speaks volumes on this credibility. Maybe that’s why they never wanted to step in the ring with him for obvious reasons.

“Guerrero must get credit for the jump up in weight. Not only is Guerrero jumping up two weight classes, he’s also fighting a top ten contender for a title. He’s a true warrior and he’s hungry to get back in the ring.”

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Mar 15, 3 years ago

Self-proclaimed ‘Ghostbuster’ Selcuk Aydin wants to break Robert Guerrero’s jaw, says Andre Berto ‘ducked’ him

On The Beak – Admin

After three years of waiting for his mandatory title shot, unbeaten Selcuk Aydin (23-0-0, 17ko) will face Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero (29-1-1, 18ko) on July 28 for the interim WBC welterweight world championship. Aydin had secured his position as number one contender with a KO victory over “Sugar” Jackson Bonsu back in 2009 but was forced to fight Jo Jo Dan twice for the WBC silver title instead of getting a shot at the big green and gold belt…

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Aydin at the weigh-in for his second fight with Dan. Credit: Arena Box-Promotions

“I am very happy that the deal has been finalised and I’m looking forward to a great fight,” stated Aydin. “For all these years I have been waiting for a major fight in the USA but nobody wanted to fight me. Andre Berto ducked me over the years, Victor Ortiz decided that it would be better for his career to lose to Mayweather than to me and Mayweather himself obviously prefers doing time in jail to stepping in the ring with me.

“I give props to Robert Guerrero that he is man enough to actually fight me. He will eventually regret this decision when he finds himself at hospital with a broken jaw like my last opponent.”

In November, 2011, hard-hitting Aydin had knocked down Jo Jo Dan twice en route to a unanimous decision win, breaking his opponent’s jaw in the third or fourth round.

“I would say against Dan I was at about 60 percent. It was enough to beat him but I know I can do much better,” he said. “Against Guerrero I will be at 120 percent. I am already all fired up and I have lots of time to prepare for July 28. You will see the best Selcuk Aydin ever. I know that this is my big chance to establish myself on the US market and there is no way that I will let it pass.”

Aydin’s promoter Ahmet Oener secured the deal negotiating the fight with Guerrero’s promoter Golden Boy and the WBC.

“I thank all parties involved – especially Richard Schaefer as well as Jose and Mauricio Sulaiman – for their effort in order to make this fight happen,” Oener said. “Selcuk has surely come a long way. On July 28, he will finally show the world what he’s got. I’m sure that it will be a terrific fight between two rising stars. Both guys need this win to make themselves a name at 147lbs which is, without a doubt, one of the strongest divisions at the moment.”

The fight against Guerrero will be Aydin’s second bout in the USA. In April 2009, “The Thunderstorm from the Black Sea” beat Said Ouali in Nevada by split decision.

“Even though my last major fights have been at home in Turkey I never had a problem fighting abroad,” Aydin explained. “I will beat Guerrero anytime, anyplace. He calls himself “The Ghost?” After July 28 I will be known as “The Ghostbuster”!”

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Nov 21, 3 years ago

Video: Guerrero’s physical trainer says Robert will return stronger than ever

On The Beak – Admin

Lisa Giannone has been tasked with overseeing Robert Guerrero‘s rehabilitation following the rotator cuff injury he sustained earlier in the year and the physical trainer claims The Ghost is “looking fabulous” and is “ahead of his recovery schedule“. Guerrero was forced to withdraw from his highly-anticipated bout with Marcos Maidana in August, but was speculated to return at the start of the new year.

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(Embedded video above credit: Youtube, TheViewOnBoxing)

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Nov 19, 3 years ago

Floyd Mayweater v Robert Guerrero: Boxing industry makes their pick on who would win prospective fight

On The Beak – Admin

Friday, November 18, 2011 – With Floyd Mayweather’s date of May 5, 2012 looming, many boxing experts believe Robert ‘The Ghost’ Guerrero has a chance to knock off boxing’s pound-for-pound king. Here’s what they had to say:

Floyd Mayweather – 14

Robert Guerrero – 6

Pick-em - 2

Direct link to article.

Guerrero's PR team conducted the survey. Credit: Stacey Verbeek – Maple Avenue Boxing Gym, Dallas

Emanuel StewardBoxing Hall of Fame Inductee and HBO Commentator

“It’s a tough fight. To me, it’s a pick-em fight in my opinion.”

Roberto Duran - Boxing Hall of Fame Legend 

“I think its a great fight. It reminds me a lot of my fight with Sugar Ray Leonard when I moved up from lightweight to welterweight and beat him. You have a fast American fighter against a bruising Latin fighter. Styles make fights and this is a very interesting match-up. I feel that Robert will pull off the upset in Las Vegas and I must be there to see it. Guerrero by unanimous decision.”

Dan RafaelBoxing Writer; ESPN

“I got Mayweather in a unanimous decision.”

Kevin IoleBoxing Writer; Yahoo Sports

“I think Mayweather would win that fight because he’s the best fighter in the world.”

Nonito DonaireThree-Division World Champion

“Floyd is a great fighter as is Robert. Both show great resilience in the ring. Robert has the heart of a warrior and it’s a great fight for boxing. I have to go with Robert Guerrero who’s younger/fresher to win this fight.”

Lem SatterfieldRing Magazine Online

“It’s going to be a boxing match and more technical than people think. You’re going to have to really appreciate boxing like a chess match in this fight. I think if Robert wants to beat Floyd he’s going to have to gamble at times, but not like Zab Judah, Chop Chop Corley or Ortiz did. because Guerrero’s got great defense. He has incredible energy and I think he’s got a real good foundation of skills that’s underrated. It will be competitive because Guerrero hasn’t really lost too many rounds in his last few fights against very competent competition in Katsids, Casamayor and Escobedo. This will be Floyd’s toughest opponent because of where he’s at in his career. That being said I have to go with the Floyd by a majority decision.”

Luis Decubas Sr. – Boxing Promoter

“Whenever you fight a fighter that doesn’t know how to lose it’s very difficult to go against him. But with a great fighter, who’s getting older, styles make fights and Robert Guerrero is a big, strong, young southpaw with the aggression and foot ability to beat Mayweather. Believe it or not I’m picking Guerrero by UD decision.”

Cameron DunkinWorld Class Boxing Manager

“Guerrero is a quick southpaw but I’m going with Floyd in a real competitive fight. Floyd wins seven rounds to five.”

Eric GomezMatchmaker Golden Boy Promotions

“I think it will be a dead heat going into the tenth round with Robert coming out on top because he’s the younger and fresher fighter.”

David AvilaBoxing Writer – Riverside Press-Enterprise

“That’s a very close one. If The Ghost were to fight Mayweather, I’m just wondering if he could fight that style. It’s a confusing style when fighting Mayweather because he makes you think and pause while he hits you. I say Mayweather in a close, split decision.”

Robert Diaz - Matchmaker Golden Boy Promotions

“Guerrero’s always been a big lightweight in my eyes. I don’t see welterweight being a problem if Robert puts on the weight properly. Look at Marquez… he put on the weight nicely and, in my opinion, beat Manny. Robert is a bigger lightweight then Marquez so I don’t see any problems with him moving up. Mayweather has had issues with southpaws… Zab Judah, Chop Chop Corley and even Victor gave him problems. Robert is very strong but he’s a technician as well. He’s young, he’s strong and he’s faced all kinds of adversity which means he can handle anything. He’s starving. Mayweather would be fighting a young, hungry southpaw. I heard Guerrero’s ordered three turkeys for thanksgiving, one from Las Vegas, one from Mexico and one from the Philippines… Mayweather, Marquez and Pacquiao. My pick is Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero in a unanimous decision.”

Buddy McGirtRespected Boxing Trainer and Former World Champion

“Floyd easy fight in a unanimous decision.”

Ryan Maquiñana - Boxing Writer – BoxingScene.com

“With Pacquiao-Marquez IV likely on the horizon, there aren’t too many options left for Mayweather, but Robert Guerrero should be somewhere at the top of the list. He’s a tall, accurate southpaw who presents some issues for Floyd, and I don’t think size would be a problem as I’ve seen “The Ghost” walk around at 152, 153 pounds. If they were to meet, Floyd’s track record would make him the favorite by decision but Robert is a live underdog and it wouldn’t surprise me if he put the first blemish on Floyd’s career.”

Robert HoughFightNews.com

“If it’s not clear how to beat Mayweather, it’s clear that fighting his fight is hopeless. I’d love to see an active fighter with good footwork; long arms and a serious jab throw about 70 jabs per round at him. Guerrero could do that, but Money Mayweather is schtick and Floyd Mayweather is exceptional so I suspect he’d find ways to win in a fight that has real potential to be a lot closer, more interesting and more exciting than people might suspect. Mayweather by unanimous decision.”

Leon MarguelesPresident Warriors Boxing & Promotions

“I believe Mayweather wins because he is bigger, stronger and faster. He is also more technically sound and durable and has way more experience. That being said, outside of Manny and Sergio, I cannot think of a fighter who can give him a serious challenge right now. Robert Guerrero is as good as anyone else as far as deserving an opportunity.”

Joel CasamayorFour-time World Champion

“As of this moment, Floyd Mayweather is the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world. No doubt. I wanted to fight him years ago at 130lbs because I know his style benefits a southpaw. I’ve known Robert for years. I’ve mentored him then fought him. He’s learned a lot and I feel he has the abilities to become the best fighter pound-for-pound. He’s a young, strong, fast, tall, lanky and tricky southpaw. One night, one shot… I think Robert can shock the world. He beats Mayweather by decision”

Igor FrankBoxing Writer – Examiner.com

“I don’t think Robert is ready for Mayweather yet. The last fight I saw him in, he fought as a lightweight. He’s going to have to fight Floyd at welterweight. I just don’t think that Robert is on the level of Floyd yet. Mayweather is the stronger guy and I pick him to win a unanimous decision.”

Miguel DiazWorld Boxing Hall of Fame Trainer

“Floyd is a great fighter. If there’s someone who’s going to beat him it’s gonna be a strong young fighter like Robert Guerrero. He is a southpaw with lots of skill. But in the end I feel Floyd will be too intelligent and win a decision in a very competitive fight.”

Orlando CuellerRespected Boxing Trainer

“Mayweather all the way, a total mismatch! Mayweather is in the unreal league and, though I have a lot of respect for what The Ghost has accomplished, this is just a little bit too much for Guerrero!”

Franco Gonzalez - Respected Boxing Trainer

“Robert Guerrero is a special fighter who has gotten better as he goes up in weight. He’s a good puncher, he’s a southpaw and a dangerous fight for Mayweather. But, Floyd is Floyd. He is the best P4P fighter in the world hands down. He’s too smart and poised; he beats Guerrero by a comfortable decision.”

Rick PiendaRingside Photographer

“We all want to see Mayweather vs. Pac-man. But it looks like it won’t happen. I can’t think of a better challenge out there than The Ghost. He’s a young, strong lion. That being said, Floyd is a great fighter, he’s one of a kind and he beats Guerrero by unanimous decision in a chess match. It is a very interesting fight. Floyd’s 43-0 Experience prevails.”

Karim MayfieldUndefeated NABO Jr. Lightweight Champion

“Guerrero versus Mayweather would be huge for the Bay Area. I’ve been in there with The Ghost and he hits like a middleweight. Mayweather has problems with southpaws and Guerrero is one of the best but I’m leaning toward Floyd Mayweather to squeak out a majority decision.”

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Nov 11, 3 years ago

Fight Photos: Bradley, Casa, Prescott… Las Vegas pugilists pose ahead of fight night

All Pictures: Stacey Verbeek – Maple Avenue Boxing Gym, Dallas

The boxing capital of the world, Las Vegas, is host to a high profile double feature this weekend as, ahead of Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez’s Saturday, November 12 main event, is a card that showcases the future of the super featherweight division – Diego Magdaleno – as well as super lightweight contender Mercito Gesta, both in action on Friday evening at the nearby Mandalay Bay Resort.

Direct link to article.

Master tactician Freddie Roach has devised a gameplan for Pacquiao that could see an attempt for an early KO

Decorated Mexican trainer Nacho Beristain works Marquez's corner and is sure his ward already beat Manny twice

Timothy Bradley provides chief support and wants to put on a clinic in order to raise his fistic profile

Cuban southpaw Casamayor, a counter puncher, attempted to rile Bradley up during the presser

Robert Guerrero is currently sidelined due to a torn rotator cuff but could be back in the ring in early 2012

Prescott is one cool Cuban but needs to get a win otherwise he'll be perma-tagged as a gatekeeper

Undefeated Mike Alvarado provides Prescott's opposition. Mile High Mike is a fast-riser at 140lbs

Diego Magdaleno boxes Emmanuel Lucero at the Mandalay on 11/11/11. Gesta provides the main event

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Aug 25, 4 years ago

Arthroscopic surgery sidelines Robert Guerrero until 2012

Robert Delgado – Los Angeles

Former two-weight world champion Robert Guerrero will be prevented from boxing until 2012 at the earliest as he requires arthroscopic surgery on his injured left shoulder. The highly-touted American southpaw was due to challenge Marcos Maidana for the “Regular” version of the WBA super lightweight word championship in San Jose this weekend but was forced to withdraw due to sustaining a partial tear of a tendon in the rotator cuff of his shoulder during training.

Direct link to article.

Picture: Robert Guerrero in media address. Credit – Stacey Verbeek; Maple Avenue Boxing Gym, Dallas

Guerrero (29-1-1, 18ko) suffered the injury during sparring in Big Bear and, following lengthy consultation with Dr Michael Dillingham – team physician for NFL side San Francisco 49ers – as well as examination and two MRI scans, it was revealed that surgery will only derail Guerrero’s training for approximately one month. However, even though he may engage in exercises such as shadowboxing upon his return, he will unlikely fight without headgear until the new year.

“The doctor said that I’ll be out for a good four weeks and then I’ll be able to do some light training and just shadowboxing and moving around,” the 28-year-old from Gilroy, California, told Ringtv.com. “I feel good about everything,” he added. “I’m just excited that everything is in motion and that I can get back into the ring and get back in there and to start training hard. That will get me ready to go full-force when I can later on.

“So I’m just glad that it’s already getting under way and that I could get in so quickly. The doctor knows what he has to do to go in there and to take care of the problem.”

Regarding an estimated time that his ward will be able to spar in the gym again, Guerrero’s manager Bob Santos said that it will: “probably be out four months in terms of punching and stuff based on what he’s seen.” He continued: “After the surgery, he would be in the sling for about two weeks and then he could shadow box, run, those kinds of things.

“He said we’re probably looking at four-to-six months.”

The surgery is scheduled for Tuesday, August 30.

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Aug 22, 4 years ago

Robert Guerrero ‘devastated’ at shoulder injury that caused postponement of HBO headliner with Marcos Maidana

Robert Delgado – Los Angeles

Super lightweight world championship challenger Robert Guerrero has expressed his devastation at the injury that has prevented his participation in the eagerly-awaited fight card at the HP Pavilion in San Jose that was scheduled for this Saturday; August 27. The whole event has since been shelved. Guerrero’s opponent, Marcos Maidana, is rumoured to be continuing in his training camp in order to prepare for a September bout in his native Argentina.

Direct link to article.

“I’m devastated because I worked my whole life for the opportunity to be a main event on HBO,” Guerrero, a two weight world champion having won major honours at featherweight and super featherweight, said. “It’s a major blow to my team and family, but I’ll continue to keep strong in my faith in Jesus Christ.”

Guerrero (29-1-1, 18ko) pulled out of training last week amid fears he had done serious damage to his shoulder. Within hours, Golden Boy Promotions had Tweeted that the August 27 card had been canceled, indicating the expected severity of the injury to the technically-savvy American.

Guerrero and his father left camp in Big Bear and jetted back to San Jose in order to undergo X-Ray and MRI scanning and it was revealed that the 28-year-old southpaw had suffered a partial tear of a tendon in the rotator cuff of his shoulder during a routine sparring session.

“To all my fans, I’ll be back and I know God has plans for me to perform in the future,” concluded the Gilroy-resident.

Marcos Maidana (30-2-0, 27ko) sympathised with Guerrero’s situation: “I am very disappointed to hear that Guerrero was injured, especially at this stage of training camp. I hope he recovers soon, but I also want to get an opponent to replace him because I’ve been working really hard for about 12 weeks and I need to fight. I’ll face whoever they put in front of me next.”

Maidana was keen to salvage the original event and take on any fighter on August 27, however, according to various reports, the tough power puncher is contemplating a bout on September 16 in Buenos Aires.

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