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From the sweet science to the silver screen, Roberto Duran to be immortalised in film

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Boxing has always made for great drama. And in the history of the sweet science, there are few fighters who can match Roberto Duran’s flair for the dramatic. Whether he won or lost, a Duran fight was an event that transcended boxing and crossed cultural boundaries. Now, executive producer David Schuster is combining those elements to finally bring the Duran story to the silver screen…

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A multi-division world champion and a key figure in the four kings of 80's boxing…

Schuster’s Winner Take All Productions and Scott Pardo Films are in development to produce a feature film on Duran, the former five-time world champion from Panama. The film is based on Christian Giudice’s book, Hands of Stone: The Life and Legend of Roberto Duran.

“Roberto Duran is one of the greatest boxing champion in history,” said Schuster. “We are proud to be making this contribution to the rich genre of boxing films.”

In addition to Winner Take All and Scott Pardo Films, Jeff Waxman (co-producer of Acadamy-Award winning The Fighter, and Law Abiding Citizen and executive producer of the soon to be released Mirror Mirror) and Tony Grazia (21 and Over and Narc) are partnering to produce this legendary boxing tale.

This is Schuster’s third boxing offering. In 2009, he produced A Fighting Chance, a documentary on the journey of Cuban boxers. He also executive produced last year’s critically acclaimed Off Broadway play, Kid Shamrock, based on the life and career of former middleweight contender Bobby Cassidy.

“There are few athletes as compelling as fighters and their stories are as real as it gets,” said Schuster. “I’ve loved the sport of boxing my entire life. So being able to tell these stories is a dream come true for me. Scott Pardo has written a fantastic script based on Cristian’s book. This movie is going to be as powerful as a Duran right hand!”

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Floyd Mayweater v Robert Guerrero: Boxing industry makes their pick on who would win prospective fight

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Friday, November 18, 2011 – With Floyd Mayweather’s date of May 5, 2012 looming, many boxing experts believe Robert ‘The Ghost’ Guerrero has a chance to knock off boxing’s pound-for-pound king. Here’s what they had to say:

Floyd Mayweather – 14

Robert Guerrero – 6

Pick-em - 2

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Guerrero's PR team conducted the survey. Credit: Stacey Verbeek – Maple Avenue Boxing Gym, Dallas

Emanuel StewardBoxing Hall of Fame Inductee and HBO Commentator

“It’s a tough fight. To me, it’s a pick-em fight in my opinion.”

Roberto Duran - Boxing Hall of Fame Legend 

“I think its a great fight. It reminds me a lot of my fight with Sugar Ray Leonard when I moved up from lightweight to welterweight and beat him. You have a fast American fighter against a bruising Latin fighter. Styles make fights and this is a very interesting match-up. I feel that Robert will pull off the upset in Las Vegas and I must be there to see it. Guerrero by unanimous decision.”

Dan RafaelBoxing Writer; ESPN

“I got Mayweather in a unanimous decision.”

Kevin IoleBoxing Writer; Yahoo Sports

“I think Mayweather would win that fight because he’s the best fighter in the world.”

Nonito DonaireThree-Division World Champion

“Floyd is a great fighter as is Robert. Both show great resilience in the ring. Robert has the heart of a warrior and it’s a great fight for boxing. I have to go with Robert Guerrero who’s younger/fresher to win this fight.”

Lem SatterfieldRing Magazine Online

“It’s going to be a boxing match and more technical than people think. You’re going to have to really appreciate boxing like a chess match in this fight. I think if Robert wants to beat Floyd he’s going to have to gamble at times, but not like Zab Judah, Chop Chop Corley or Ortiz did. because Guerrero’s got great defense. He has incredible energy and I think he’s got a real good foundation of skills that’s underrated. It will be competitive because Guerrero hasn’t really lost too many rounds in his last few fights against very competent competition in Katsids, Casamayor and Escobedo. This will be Floyd’s toughest opponent because of where he’s at in his career. That being said I have to go with the Floyd by a majority decision.”

Luis Decubas Sr. – Boxing Promoter

“Whenever you fight a fighter that doesn’t know how to lose it’s very difficult to go against him. But with a great fighter, who’s getting older, styles make fights and Robert Guerrero is a big, strong, young southpaw with the aggression and foot ability to beat Mayweather. Believe it or not I’m picking Guerrero by UD decision.”

Cameron DunkinWorld Class Boxing Manager

“Guerrero is a quick southpaw but I’m going with Floyd in a real competitive fight. Floyd wins seven rounds to five.”

Eric GomezMatchmaker Golden Boy Promotions

“I think it will be a dead heat going into the tenth round with Robert coming out on top because he’s the younger and fresher fighter.”

David AvilaBoxing Writer – Riverside Press-Enterprise

“That’s a very close one. If The Ghost were to fight Mayweather, I’m just wondering if he could fight that style. It’s a confusing style when fighting Mayweather because he makes you think and pause while he hits you. I say Mayweather in a close, split decision.”

Robert Diaz - Matchmaker Golden Boy Promotions

“Guerrero’s always been a big lightweight in my eyes. I don’t see welterweight being a problem if Robert puts on the weight properly. Look at Marquez… he put on the weight nicely and, in my opinion, beat Manny. Robert is a bigger lightweight then Marquez so I don’t see any problems with him moving up. Mayweather has had issues with southpaws… Zab Judah, Chop Chop Corley and even Victor gave him problems. Robert is very strong but he’s a technician as well. He’s young, he’s strong and he’s faced all kinds of adversity which means he can handle anything. He’s starving. Mayweather would be fighting a young, hungry southpaw. I heard Guerrero’s ordered three turkeys for thanksgiving, one from Las Vegas, one from Mexico and one from the Philippines… Mayweather, Marquez and Pacquiao. My pick is Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero in a unanimous decision.”

Buddy McGirtRespected Boxing Trainer and Former World Champion

“Floyd easy fight in a unanimous decision.”

Ryan Maquiñana - Boxing Writer – BoxingScene.com

“With Pacquiao-Marquez IV likely on the horizon, there aren’t too many options left for Mayweather, but Robert Guerrero should be somewhere at the top of the list. He’s a tall, accurate southpaw who presents some issues for Floyd, and I don’t think size would be a problem as I’ve seen “The Ghost” walk around at 152, 153 pounds. If they were to meet, Floyd’s track record would make him the favorite by decision but Robert is a live underdog and it wouldn’t surprise me if he put the first blemish on Floyd’s career.”

Robert HoughFightNews.com

“If it’s not clear how to beat Mayweather, it’s clear that fighting his fight is hopeless. I’d love to see an active fighter with good footwork; long arms and a serious jab throw about 70 jabs per round at him. Guerrero could do that, but Money Mayweather is schtick and Floyd Mayweather is exceptional so I suspect he’d find ways to win in a fight that has real potential to be a lot closer, more interesting and more exciting than people might suspect. Mayweather by unanimous decision.”

Leon MarguelesPresident Warriors Boxing & Promotions

“I believe Mayweather wins because he is bigger, stronger and faster. He is also more technically sound and durable and has way more experience. That being said, outside of Manny and Sergio, I cannot think of a fighter who can give him a serious challenge right now. Robert Guerrero is as good as anyone else as far as deserving an opportunity.”

Joel CasamayorFour-time World Champion

“As of this moment, Floyd Mayweather is the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world. No doubt. I wanted to fight him years ago at 130lbs because I know his style benefits a southpaw. I’ve known Robert for years. I’ve mentored him then fought him. He’s learned a lot and I feel he has the abilities to become the best fighter pound-for-pound. He’s a young, strong, fast, tall, lanky and tricky southpaw. One night, one shot… I think Robert can shock the world. He beats Mayweather by decision”

Igor FrankBoxing Writer – Examiner.com

“I don’t think Robert is ready for Mayweather yet. The last fight I saw him in, he fought as a lightweight. He’s going to have to fight Floyd at welterweight. I just don’t think that Robert is on the level of Floyd yet. Mayweather is the stronger guy and I pick him to win a unanimous decision.”

Miguel DiazWorld Boxing Hall of Fame Trainer

“Floyd is a great fighter. If there’s someone who’s going to beat him it’s gonna be a strong young fighter like Robert Guerrero. He is a southpaw with lots of skill. But in the end I feel Floyd will be too intelligent and win a decision in a very competitive fight.”

Orlando CuellerRespected Boxing Trainer

“Mayweather all the way, a total mismatch! Mayweather is in the unreal league and, though I have a lot of respect for what The Ghost has accomplished, this is just a little bit too much for Guerrero!”

Franco Gonzalez - Respected Boxing Trainer

“Robert Guerrero is a special fighter who has gotten better as he goes up in weight. He’s a good puncher, he’s a southpaw and a dangerous fight for Mayweather. But, Floyd is Floyd. He is the best P4P fighter in the world hands down. He’s too smart and poised; he beats Guerrero by a comfortable decision.”

Rick PiendaRingside Photographer

“We all want to see Mayweather vs. Pac-man. But it looks like it won’t happen. I can’t think of a better challenge out there than The Ghost. He’s a young, strong lion. That being said, Floyd is a great fighter, he’s one of a kind and he beats Guerrero by unanimous decision in a chess match. It is a very interesting fight. Floyd’s 43-0 Experience prevails.”

Karim MayfieldUndefeated NABO Jr. Lightweight Champion

“Guerrero versus Mayweather would be huge for the Bay Area. I’ve been in there with The Ghost and he hits like a middleweight. Mayweather has problems with southpaws and Guerrero is one of the best but I’m leaning toward Floyd Mayweather to squeak out a majority decision.”

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