May 8, 3 years ago

Studious Mayweather influenced by Mosley and Judah when combating Cotto

Words: Alan Dawson – London

All Photos: Will Hart/HBO

In order to negate the multi-dimensional boxing style that three-weight world champion Miguel Cotto possesses, Floyd Mayweather Jr followed a blueprint that was first formulated by former foes Shane Mosley and Zab Judah. Post-fight, the Money man credited Sugar Shane and Super Judah for his own success with the uppercut and right hook. The current incumbent of the WBA junior middleweight world title, Mayweather also lauded Cotto for his industriousness.

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Mayweather’s inclination to trade with Cotto allowed Miguel to gain more success than past Floyd opponents

Statistically, Cotto’s greatest round was the eighth, when he connected with 20/65 shots (31%)

On average, Mayweather’s opponents typically only land 16 percent of their punches, however, Cotto was able to achieve a greater percentage – 21 – as there were numerous moments in multiple rounds where Floyd would exit his traditional defensive posture and open up on Miguel.

Defending his title at 154lbs, Cotto produced a fan-friendly challenge… one which yielded fair numbers on the punch stats but, despite his pressure, he was still out-worked (May = 687 thrown, Cotto = 506) and out-landed (May = 179, Cotto = 105) by the challenger who, rightfully, left the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas as ring king.

Floyd, 35, who extended his undefeated streak in professional boxing to 43 fights with 26 big wins by way of knockout, was the first to acknowledge and respect Cotto, a pugilist who had faced criticisms for being ‘shot’ following defeats to Antonio Margarito and Manny Pacquiao in years past.

“When it’s pay-per-view, you want to give the fans excitement,” Mayweather said, before commenting on the blood he leaked – particularly from the nose – during the contest. “It comes with the territory. Miguel Cotto fought his ass off, Cotto was a tough competitor and I executed a gameplan and fought my heart out.

“Tonight I got a few bumps and bruises, but that is part of the sport. I could have made it a very easy fight, but I was going for the knockout. Cotto was in tremendous shape. He was tough, a good puncher. He didn’t win more than 30 fights for nothing. Cotto is a future hall of famer. I fought him at his weight. He’s tough, what can I say? He came to fight and not survival. When you come with offence, these things happen [but] I just bit down like a true champion.”

Considerable bleeding in a Mayweather fight is normally associated with the other man, not Floyd

Despite Cotto’s strength (75 of his shots landed were power punches) Mayweather was in control for the majority of rounds

A Las Vegas resident, Floyd is famed for his all hour training regimen at the Mayweather Boxing Club on Schiff Drive and lives by the motto of ‘hard work and dedication’. Exercising, road-work, pad-work with uncle/trainer Roger Mayweather are all fundamental aspects of camp, yet Mayweather showed his student side by admitting he “watched tapes of Shane Mosley [when he fought Cotto in 2007]” as well as studying Zab Judah.

“The right hook and the uppercut were working for me,” reflected Floyd on what precisely secured him victory against the game 31-year-old Puerto Rican. “I had watched tapes of Mosley and I saw that the right hook was working. And I also watch Zab Judah use the uppercut against him too. So I knew I was going to use those shots tonight. I knew the right hook was going to be my money shot. A lot of times and these days you don’t see fighters using the right hook, only the left. But tonight I wanted to use the right hook and that is what I did.”

Wrestler HHH (not pictured), Justin Bieber, Lil Wayne, 50 Cent and Yuriorkis Gamboa were honourary Money team members

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Mar 28, 3 years ago

Zab Judah happy with homecoming win over Vernon Paris but claims knockout could have happened early

Denzil Stone – Atlantic City

Zab Judah teekayoed Vernon Paris in the main event of their IBF super lightweight eliminator on March 24 at the Aviator Sports and Events Center in Brooklyn, New York, securing himself a referee’s stoppage in a victory he believes could have been notched earlier had it not been for survival tactics employed by his opponent.

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Judah could now face Peterson v Khan II winner. Credit: Stacey Verbeek – Maple Avenue Boxing Gym, Dallas

Judah’s domination began in the opening round as he staggered the erstwhile undefeated 140lber. The hurtful blows occurred again in the second and, in the sixth, Paris began boxing with unsteady legs before finding himself trapped in the corner in the ninth, taking 11 power shots flush.

His inability to defend himself was enough to prompt the referee – Steve Willis – to withdraw him from the bout but: “[Paris] was in survival mode,” Judah noted in what he perceives to be a cause for a late, rather than early, finish. “It would have been an earlier [win] as he [was just trying to survive] so I had to use my jab and not get unfocused.”

Judah could now see himself positioned into a rematch with Amir Khan, or an intriguing stylistic match-up with current WBA/IBF unified super lightweight world champion Lamont Peterson, depending on the outcome of their toss-up tussle later this year.

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Mar 14, 3 years ago

Hungry ‘Demolition Man’ Santander Silgado eager to announce himself on Judah v Paris card

On The Beak – Admin

Undefeated Colombian cruiserweight prospect Santander “Demolition Man” Silgado (20-0-0, 18ko) is one of the best unknown boxers in the world… at least until March 24 when he’ll be showcased on the off-NBC Sports Network portion of the Zab Judah-Vernon Paris card at Aviator Sports Complex in Brooklyn. Silgado fights in the US for only the second time in an eight-round bout against veteran Willie Herring (13-9-3, 4ko).

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Demolition man to re-adjust style as he ascends world rankings

The 26-year-old Colombian power puncher stopped Glen Williams by second-round TKO last December in a New Jersey club show.

Silgado-Herring will be taped live and aired the following day on SportsNet New York (“SNY”).

“Right now,” Silgado’s promoter Rob Diaz of Havoc Boxing Promotions said, “Santander is the best kept secret in boxing but people will know about him very soon. March 24 will be his first real fight in the United States on a grand scale because he’s fighting on the big Main Events-card that’s getting a lot of coverage.

“People will see that Santander is the real deal. He’s already starting to shake-up the cruiserweight division and a few top 200lbers have turned down fights against him. Sooner or later, though, those guys will have to fight him.”

A seven-time national amateur champion in his native Colombia, Santander had nearly 200 amateur fights. He started boxing at the age of eight when fellow schoolmates asked him to put on gloves. He immediately fell in love with the sweet science but he also has boxing in his blood as the nephew of a well-known Colombian fighter.

“I’m grateful for this opportunity and enthusiastic about the fight because I’ll be able to show my boxing skills to the world,” Silgado recently commented during training camp. “I came to America so my boxing career can help me provide security for my family – wife, two children, parents and brother – who live in Colombia. This year is all about me getting in position for a world-title shot.”

Despite living up to his “Demolition Man” nickname, knocking out 18 of 20 pro opponents, Santander understands that he won’t be able to put all of his opponents to sleep, especially as he climbs the rating’s ladder and his competition gets stiffer. “My boxing skills are what will take me to a world title,” he noted. “If knockouts come, great, but I’m not going into a fight looking for a knockout.”

Silgado recently cracked the world ratings, presently ranked 13 by the WBA and 15 by the WBC.

His head trainer, Francisco Guzman Sr, has trained world champions such as Hector Acero-Sanchez and Joan Guzman, as well as the late Arturo Gatti during the early years of his pro career. Acero-Sanchez, a Dominican who fought out of the Bronx, was a WBC super bantamweight champion.

“Santander reminds me of Sanchez because he’s just as hungry to learn,” Guzman added. “They both go to the gym to work hard and learn.”

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Mar 7, 3 years ago

Zab Judah Q&A: I feel like superman, this is the Zab of old

On The Beak – Admin

Brooklyn’s Zab Judah (41-7-0, 28ko) will face Detroit’s Vernon Paris (26-0-0, 15ko) in a 12-round IBF super lightweight world title elimination bout at the Aviator Sports Complex, New York on March 24. The contest, promoted by Main Events, is the featured bout of a big night of boxing to be nationally televised by the NBC Sports Network and is supported with heavyweight contender Tomasz Adamek’s comeback fight against Nagy Aguilera.

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Judah (left) with coach Pernell Whitaker, ready for March 24 test. Credit: Stacey Verbeek, Maple Avenue Boxing Gym, Dallas

How does it feel to be fighting in your hometown, Brooklyn?

It’s great! This is the first time that I will be fighting in Brooklyn as a professional. It’s a great feeling… you know, the last time I fought in Brooklyn, I think, was Golden Gloves.

Where do you feel you are at, at this point in your career?

I think that in this fight I will get back the respect that I think I deserve at this point. I understand that everybody was a little upset after the last performance [stoppage defeat to Amir Khan], but some things are out of your control. With this fight right here we will bring back the Zab Judah of old. I feel almost like Superman. You know how Superman always retreated to the booth, and when he came out of the booth he was Superman again? Well this is Zab Judah all over again. I am retreating back to my roots, Brooklyn, NY, and when I come out of the booth I’ll come out with flying colors.

Still comfortable at 140?

Yes, 140 is the weight class that I feel great at, that I make very easily. I’m still a fighter that can go out and eat a filet mignon burger and still make 140 pounds. This is my solid, natural weight and I don’t plan on leaving it no more.

Is this fight more important than the last fight?

First of all, I think people kind of forget that just last July I was the champion of the world. And now I am coming back to get what is rightfully mine. Every time you step in the ring it means the same thing to every fighter. Vernon Paris means the same as Amir Khan meant to me. Anybody that knows me knows that winning means more to me than anything. I could care less who it is, the opportunity at hand is just Zab Judah stepping in and being the best Zab Judah that he can be.

What does this fight remind you of?

This fight reminds me of the fight with Lucas Matthysse, when I was going against a fighter that was undefeated with all knockouts. You know what I’m saying? This kind of puts me back in that position again. There I went in and won that fight too. Then you had Kaiser Mabuza right after that for the title [eliminator]. I’m used to being in this position. In this position I shine best.

Is there anything about Vernon Paris that gives you concern?

Yeah, I hope that he shows up [laughs]! Vernon Paris is coming to New York City. My fans are my fans. You have to respect everywhere that you go. You can’t bad-mouth or disrespect anywhere that you go and expect to just walk out plain and calm. I love Detroit, I defended my world title in Detroit, I have a lot of friends in Detroit and I have a lot of respect for Detroit. So I don’t want anyone thinking this is a Detroit versus Brooklyn fight cause it’s not. All I’m asking of the young man is to come in here with respect of the place. Give respect and respect will be given back.

Parting thoughts?

I’m excited again. I’m telling you, I feel like I’m 22-years-old again. I promise you, I’m going to come back here and give you guys the excitement that I gave you guys when I was 22 years old. I’m ready! The fire is lit! Brooklyn is ready! You know what? All I can say is this going to be great! This is gonna be great!

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Mar 4, 3 years ago

Bloodworth: Adamek was not ready for Klitschko, Tomasz undergoing technique training for Aguilera bout

Petra Kirsch – Gelsenkirchen

Renowned trainer Roger Bloodworth has conceded that his premier heavyweight charge Tomasz Adamek was not physically ready to challenge Vitali Klitschko for the WBC championship title last year and that, with hindsight, they may have benefited from extra months/years to allow Adamek to grow into a heavyweight body. A March 24 comeback against Nagy Aguilera now looms and Bloodworth and Adamek have been focusing on technique…

Direct link to article.

Bloodworth laces Adamek’s gloves up ahead of a workout. Credit: Resolution Sports

“I’ve already forgotten about the last fight,” said Adamek (44-2-0, 28ko) of his unsuccessful September, 2011 clash; a tenth round technical knockout defeat to Vitali in what was his seventh heavyweight contest.

Adamek, though, had shown good pedigree boxing in the sport’s heaviest weight class as he had a strong majority decision victory over game Mexican-American Chris Arreola. This, on top of sterling cruiserweight and light-heavyweight form; two divisions he had won world championship titles in with notable triumphs over Steve Cunningham, Bobby Gunn and Johnathon Banks.

Adamek continued: “I lost on Saturday and on Monday I came back to my family and my life in America. I was ready to get back to work. I quickly came back to the gym and went back to work. Twice, I went to Roger’s house and worked on my technique more than anything. I needed to prepare to get back in the ring. I’m a mountain boy and I wasn’t about to quit. I knew I had to win tougher fights so I could get another chance. I can’t think about retiring. Not now. I still have to fight.”

“I need to win a couple fights to get a chance at the title again. I need practice. I was slow against Klitschko. I wasn’t the true Tomasz. I think it was a valuable lesson. I wasn’t ready for that fight. Every day, I feel like I’m a better fighter. I’m bigger and with 6 months rest I am much stronger. I’ve been eating better. I like American steak and I’ve been eating a lot. I think the ten pounds has been a big help. It’s most important to be healthy. My wife is happy, because I’m hungry again. I can’t wait to get into the ring.”

Adamek with the double-end bag. Credit: Resolution Sports

Adamek provides the main support on the undercard of Vernon Paris and Zab Judah’s IBF super lightweight eliminator at the Aviator Sports Complex, Brooklyn. Regarding his opponent, the Polish-American said: “I’ve seen a couple of Aguilera’s fights. He’s a quick man. He moves all over the ring. He’s a good opponent for me. I think we will make a good show on March 24.”

Trainer Roger Bloodworth stated that Adamek is using the Vitali defeat as a learning curve and is ready to move on: “Tomasz has learned a lot from the Klitschko fight. I think we got in the ring with him too soon, but boxing is a business and the offer was good, so we had to take it.

“Had we waited, things might have been different. Since then, he has spent two and three weeks with me in Glen Carbon (Illinois) working on technique and it went well. He fell off the horse and he had to get back on it. I think a lot of what’s happened has been timing. It was good for him to take the time off, because Klitschko was a rough fight. It’s just one of those things.

“There was no thought about it. He was coming back. He needed to come back and that’s why we have this fight against Aguilera. We’ll see where he is. From what I’ve seen, he looks great and wants another shot. Maybe it might take a year or so, but that’s what Tomasz wants.

“He’s changing his style a little and he’s much bigger. He’s now 227 and we want him at 230. I knew it was going to take a while for him to grow into a heavyweight’s body. Now, he has the muscle and the strength. If he doesn’t get back into the ring now, he might stay out too long. We feel good about where he is.”

Adamek is 6-1-0, 2ko as a heavyweight and will look to enhance that record versus Aguilera. Credit: Resolution Sports

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Mar 3, 3 years ago

Paris wants to old man Judah in Brooklyn, Viloria vs Romero and Linares to box Thompson

On The Beak – Admin

Undefeated super lightweight Vernon Paris (26-0-0, 15ko) is already in the best shape of his career and is looking forward to his big opportunity against Zab Judah (41-7-0, 28ko) on March 24 at the Aviator Sports Complex, an arena in Judah’s hometown of Brooklyn, New York. The 24-year-old fighter, known as the Ice Man, sees his fight on the NBC Sports Network Fight Night broadcast as the big chance he’s been waiting for.

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Vernon planning to ‘ice’ Zab in order to manoeuvre himself into IBF’s mandatory slot

“I have to go through Zab to get where I have to go,” said Paris. “I’m coming in the best shape of my life because I know what the reward is going to be. This is an eliminator. I’m fighting for the number one spot in the IBF.”

Paris realises that, in Judah, he’ll be facing his stiffest challenge to date: “I’m not taking anything away from him; he’s a five-time world champion. I know he’s got the experience. I know he’s been there but if he thinks I’m going to lose to a 34-year-old Zab Judah, he doesn’t have a clue about what he’s getting into the ring with… he doesn’t know what’s coming.”

Paris added that he is working harder than ever, noting that fights are won in training camp rather than in the ring: “I’m not waiting until March 24 to win this fight. I’m gonna win this fight right now, while I’m in training. It’s not when you get there on that day of the fight, working hard now is what’s going to get me where I gotta go.

“I’m putting it in two or three times a day,” Paris said. “I’m up in the morning running. I’m running at night. Every chance I get.” Paris continued, “I lay down for a couple hours, but then I’m back up and we go back to the gym. I’m eating good, sleeping good, and I have a clear mind. That’s not good for Zab Judah.”

Advisor Carlos Linas and Manager David Shumate have been with the fighter since day one and notice a difference in Paris as this fight approaches: “He has never been in this kind of shape,” Linas commented. “We know Zab is a southpaw and that he still has power in the first few rounds, but these days Zab is fighting himself. He’s not like he was ten years ago. Our only concern is how to get out of the arena safely after we knock Judah out in front of his crowd.”

On being the away fighter, Paris said: “I’m not afraid to go into Brooklyn to fight him. It’s more pressure on Zab to fight in front of his hometown. Nothing about Brooklyn scares me; that’s where I want to go. Besides, he’s never fought there either.

“Under the lights and cameras, I transform into an animal,” Paris said. “This fight ain’t gonna be decided by the judges, it’s gonna be decided in the middle of the ring. From start to finish, we are going to be banging. So if Zab can’t handle the pressure, then he’s going out. I got too many plans. I need this fight to get where I got to go. I need it bad.”

Linas concluded: “It’s time for some new blood to move in. This is Vernon’s time. I almost feel sorry for Zab.”


Integrated Sports Media, the pound-for-pound king of sports distribution in North America, announced this week that it will distribute Island Assault 4: The Battle featuring the WBO flyweight world championship between defending champion Brian ‘Hawaiian Punch’ Viloria and challenger Omar Nino Romero, March 31 live from Ynares Sports Arena in Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines.

Viloria, the ‘Pinoy Punch’

“US boxing fans loved watching ‘Island Assault 3′ last December, showcasing Viloria versus [Giovani] Segura, on top of an action-packed card from the Philippines,” Integrated Sports Media president Doug Jacobs said. “These are two of the top smaller-weight class boxers in the world who have five world titles between them. This show, of course, continues the heated Filipino versus Mexican boxing rivalry that is one of the most intense in the sport today. An equally exciting undercard will soon be announced.”

Three-time and reigning world champion Viloria (29-3-0, 16ko), a dual citizen of the US and Philippines, was a 2000 US Olympian. Rated number two by The Ring magazine, Viloria captured the IBF title – his present belt – in July, winning a 12 round decision from Julio Cesar Miranda and defending it against Segura.

Viloria’s other notable victories have been against Omar Soto (ten round decision), Ulises Solis (11th round KO), Eric Ortiz (first round KO), Jose Antonio Aguirre (12 round decision) and Angel Antonio Priolo (Seventh round KO).

Romero, fighting out of Guadalajara, is a two-time WBC light flyweight champion who has defeated Viloria in one of two previous meetings. In August of 2006, he easily won a 12-round decision (118-110, 117-111, 117-112) in Las Vegas. Three months later, in a rematch also held in Las Vegas, Romero and Viloria fought to a draw that was changed to a “no decision” when Romero failed a post-fight drug test.

Romero has also defeated Jorge Arce (first round TKO), Rodel Mayol (12 round decision), Ronald Barrera (Seventh round retirement), and Sammy Gutierrez (ten round decision).

The remainder of the “Island Assault 4: The Battle” PPV event will soon be announced.


Following an exciting February event, the Oasis Cancun in Cancun, Mexico will once again host Televisa’s hit series ‘Sabados De Corona’, this time featuring a Saturday, March 31 showdown between former two-division world champion Jorge ‘El Nino de Oro’ Linares and hometown hero Sergio ‘Yeyo’ Thompson. This 12 round lightweight clash will air on Canal 5 and begins at 22:30. CT.

Linares’ last bout was a stoppage defeat to Antonio DeMarco. Credit: Stacey Verbeek – Maple Avenue Boxing Gym, Dallas

Venezuelan star Jorge Linares (31-2-0, 20ko) has done a lot in his near decade-long run in the sport, winning world titles at 126 and 130 pounds while defeating a star-studded list of standouts that includes Oscar Larios, Rocky Juarez and Jesus Chavez. The Barinas native, though, is still only 26-years-old.

The winner of four of his last five bouts, with his only loss coming in a WBC lightweight world title fight against Antonio DeMarco that he was winning on the scorecards when the fight was stopped due to cuts, Linares is ready to begin another title run and the road to the championship begins on at the end of the month.

Cancun’s own Sergio Thompson (21-2-0, 19ko) has long been considered one of Mexican boxing’s unsung heroes, and on March 31 he gets his chance to shine on the big stage against one of the game’s best in Jorge Linares. A WBC Mundo Hispano and WBC Fecarbox champion who currently sports a seven fight winning streak with six knockouts, Thompson is confident that his power and determination, as well as the energy he will get from his hometown fans, will lead him to the biggest victory of his career.

Tickets, priced at 100 pesos, 500 pesos, 1000 pesos and 1500 pesos are available for purchase at Hooters Z.H., Farmacia Paris Centro de Cancun and the Oasis Cancun.

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Aug 29, 4 years ago

My two losses were robberies but I’m happy to come back to US – Lucas Matthysse

Robert Delgado – Los Angeles

Lucas Matthysse is striving to put the two questionable decision defeats on American canvas behind him as he returns to the US to take on Mexican ring legend Erik Morales for the vacant WBC super lightweight world title. Matthysse described his points losses to Zab Judah and Devon Alexander as “bad decisions” and “robberies” yet is looking forward to the Morales clash on Saturday, September 17 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas.

Direct link to article.

Matthysse and Morales (51-7-0, 35ko) provide the chief support to Floyd Mayweather Jr and Victor Ortiz’s WBC welterweight world championship bout at the Star Power event. Like the headlining fight, Matthysse and Morales also scrap for a major honour, however, unlike Mayweather and Ortiz, they are both coming off the back of losses.

Morales dropped a competitive decision to Argentine slugger Marcos Maidana at the Action Heroes card earlier in the year while Matthysse saw a split decision go against him when he took on Alexander in the American’s backyard of Missouri. Matthysse’s loss contains a footnote as he dropped the former world champion in the fourth and, according to On The Beak‘s unofficial scorecard, had the clear edge over his opponent winning by a 96-93 margin over the ten round distance.

It was not the first time that Matthysse (28-2-0, 26ko) felt aggrieved over a contentious defeat as Judah too, during their 2010 fight, pipped Matthysse even though he was out power-punched. During a conference call with the media recently, Matthysse, according to the Miami Herald, said: “Everybody knows that those two losses were bad decisions against me. I was robbed in both of those fights. People know I won those fights.”

Both losses occurred the only times the hard-hitting 28-year-old, who fights out of Buenos Aires, had boxed in America yet that has not perturbed him from returning a third time to take on Morales: “We’re very happy right now to be fighting Erik Morales.

“When I was offered this opportunity, I was very happy to come back to the US. So, right away, [judging] was not something even to think about. I’m trusting the judges, I know that [Las Vegas] is different. I leave it at the hands of the judges.”

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Aug 23, 4 years ago

Zab Judah lodges formal protest with Nevada Commission, WBA and IBF, seeks Amir Khan rematch

Denzil Stone – Atlantic City

Former IBF super lightweight world champion Zab Judah has sent formal letters to the Nevada Commission, the WBA and the IBF as the veteran American seeks a rematch against Amir Khan following his fifth round technical knockout loss to the Briton during their July unification contest in Las Vegas. Judah believes the result displays injustice as he complained to the Commission of persistent fouling from Khan.

Direct link to article.

Picture: Stacey Verbeek – Maple Avenue Boxing Gym, Dallas

Judah (41-7-0, 28ko) has launched a three-pronged protest as the crafty 33-year-old, a former champion of two weight divisions, felt aggrieved with referee Vic Drakulich’s alleged inability to penalise Khan for repeatedly striking Judah to the back of the head, for continuous holding during the fight and cited Drakulich’s poor position in the ring as the reason he did not spot what his team deem to be a low-blow – the match-ending shot as it felled Zab who failed to make the count.

Judah’s representative, Kathy Duva, of Main Event Promotions, confirmed their stance as she is quoted to have said that Drakulich: “was clearly not in a position to see the low blow administered by Khan which ended the fight” on July 23 at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino.

Bill Halkias of Super Judah Promotions acknowledged that it was Khan (26-1-0, 18ko) who was in the ascendancy during the first five rounds, however, he was swift to note that there was still a large portion of the championship fight left to compete for and history has proven comebacks from such depths are possible.

He said: “We know Zab was behind on the scorecards, but there are numerous examples in boxing history where boxers that were behind came back with a knockout. The fact that Zab was behind has no bearing on whether the low blow call was wrong. We still had seven more rounds to fight. Zab still could have won, but that opportunity was wrongfully taken away from him.”

Since the conclusion of the bout, Khan has maintained the legitimacy of the fight-ending punch. He said at the time: “I caught him with a right hand just before that, and he went down. And he was open for that right hook, right into the solar plexus. I mean, it was right above the belt, that was nowhere near below.”

Khan has since shown interest in boxing the winner of the WBC super lightweight world championship fight between experienced Mexican warrior Erik Morales and tough power-puncher Lucas Matthysse on Saturday, September 17.

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Jul 25, 4 years ago

Fight Photos: ‘Attack and Conquer’ Pt 8 – Amir Khan’s team talk future, Zab Judah bemoans ‘low-blow’ at final press conference

All pictures: Stacey Verbeek, Maple Avenue Boxing Gym, Dallas

Interesting soundbites emerged from Amir Khan and Zab Judah‘s post-fight press conference on Saturday, July 23 at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, Las Vegas. Judah was disgruntled due to what he deemed a low shot while the talk from Khan’s camp focused on the future. On The Beak‘s Stacey Verbeek was at the Events Center.

Direct link to article.

Mystery: Roach, Khan and a floating head with belt body

Khan’s impressive performance against Judah – he proved harder to hit than Zab, punched harder than him and more frequently – ensured he added another world title (IBF) to his honours roll (WBA). Timothy Bradley, who holds the WBC & WBO titles, is on the lips of Khan’s trainer Freddie Roach while Floyd Mayweather Jr could be a possibility in 2012.

Stole His Brooklyn: Khan took Zab's spirit early

Judah (pictured above with coach Pernell Whitaker who was urging his ward to throw his fists more during the contest) was felled at the end of the fifth round due to a body shot. Replays showed it was on the belt-line – legal, but there was ambiguity as, pre-fight, the referee indicated that that would have represented a low shot – and it seemed a convenient get-out for Zab who said it struck his bollocks.

Yes; You: No more questions about the floating head upstairs

The sky is the limit for Khan as Golden Boy are building the unified champ up to be the next big thing. CEO Richard Schaefer, above, claims Bradley had his chance to fight Amir and now Erik Morales may be targeted for a Christmas showdown. Meanwhile, two of Khan’s entourage, below, look chuffed with the “King’s” most recent super lightweight achievements.

Mate Saj And Brother Haroon: Amir's happy entourage

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Jul 24, 4 years ago

Fight Photos: ‘Attack and Conquer’ Pt 7 – Zab Judah defeated, Amir Khan’s arm aloft and the new… unified champion of the worrrld

All pictures: Stacey Verbeek, Maple Avenue Boxing Gym, Dallas

Bolton boxer Amir Khan emphatically disposed of Brooklyn fighter Zab Judah on Saturday, July 23 at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, Las Vegas – an arena and city that the Briton is now 2-0, 1ko, in. Moments after canvassing Judah with a body-shot right on the buckle, Khan raised his arms aloft as the new unified champion of the world.

Direct link to article.

Khan And His Arm-y: Est. 3,000 fans made trip from UK

On The Beak‘s Stacey Verbeek was ringside to snap the celebrations and the sorrow from the respective Khan and Judah entourage. Khan, above, raised his arm aloft as a two-belt champ while Judah’s mother found Zab’s knockdown tough viewing.

Crestfallen: Mama Judah struggles to watch

Judah (41-7-0, 28ko) adopted a negative method early on in the fight while Khan was the clear aggressor. The Wildcard Boxing Club product out-punched Zab, and out power punched him also. Khan’s left hand jab worked well for him as early as the first round while a right to the belly floored Judah.

Dejected: Judah thought he was being given recovery time

Judah (above) complained post-fight that the shot was low, and that he thought the referee was giving him an eight count to recover. Replays, though, showed it was on the belt-line, over the abdomen, and that Khan (26-1-0, 18ko) won via a clean shot.

Red: Khan walked through Judah and the blue corner

Khan’s positive style – throwing punches in bunches from all angles – ensured he left the ring and Las Vegas as a two-belt champion. With victory, he now owns 50 percent of the major honours at super lightweight and trainer Freddie Roach wants a full unification shot with Timothy Bradley.

Fashion Statement: Khan doubles world title tally

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